Why Every Cobra Driver Needs a Radar Detector And The 3 Best Detectors On The Market

Even if you are not a consistent speeder, having a radar detector is extremely helpful. When you are driving an amazing machine (Cobra or otherwise), you likely catch yourself at times wanting to “see what’s under the hood” when driving your car. Because of this, having a radar detector can help you feel at ease.

The most important reason why everyone with a nice car should have a radar detector (a good one, that is), is for protection and an added layer of detection.

Your first level of detection is always your eyes – know possible (and likely) spots for police to sit, know the speed limit in the area you are traveling, and if you are in a populated or city area, don’t be a moron. However, technologies have improved and some of the new speed detection devices can register speeds before you notice you have been caught. This is when a detector comes in handy.

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How many times are you driving, probably doing 5-10 over the speed limit, and you were changing the radio or looking at the driver next to you? The next thing you know, you look up in the median or in a side street and you see a 5-0 sitting there. Protect yourself and add another layer of detection with a radar detector.

How many times are you driving on an open road (highway, country road, 2-lane road on the outside of a major town/city) and someone sees you and wants to toy around? Chances are, you show them a little of what your machine has under the hood without being an idiot and hitting triple digits on the speedometer. Additionally, chances are high you are not the only driver on the road. With a good radar detector, it can pick up radar and LIDAR (laser) signals for upwards of multiple miles. This provides you with additional protection and detection.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a worthy radar detector. Even if it saves you from one or two tickets, it is well worth the investment, especially if it saves you from a possibly major speeding incident.

The 3 Best Radar Detectors

Some companies have dedicated their entire business model on testing radar detectors and the effectiveness of every new model. Additionally, consumers have used multiple models as well and explained their experiences. The best detector for you will ultimately depend on the type of driver and driving you do, but these recommendations for the 3 best detectors should not be taken lightly.

1. Valentine One

Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One radar detector

The Valentine One detector is loved by many. One of the many reasons why this detector is rated atop is the signal range. On open roads, this detector has been reported to detect signal from more than 5 miles away. If that’s not enough warning to slow down to the PSL (posted speed limit), then you are in trouble.

Additionally, some of the differentiating features that set the V1 apart are the directional and numerical display (or bogey counter) on the detector itself. These help you to avoid speed traps by understanding which direction the signals are coming from and exactly how many signals the detector has picked up.
The V1 detector has been touted as having the longest LIDAR detection range, and since technology is evolving and more officers are using laser for speed detection, the benefit should explain itself.

The Valentine detector also has a number of accessories available, including the radar detector mirror mount and the concealed display.

One other great feature is the ability to type your hardware serial number into the official Valentine One site and learn whether or not the hardware in your detector has become obsolete. If so, you can send your detector back in to be rebuilt as a cost effective way to upgrade to the newest and best technology available!

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2. Escort Passport 9500ix

Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

The Passport 9500ix radar detector

Another high-end detector like the Valentine One, the Passport 9500ix is rated very similarly to the V1. It actually has similar detection range and has a database that can auto learn false alerts over time.
In fact, some reviewers have listed the Passport 9500ix as their favorite. The primary reason we have it listed second is due to the detection range, as it is slightly behind that of the V1.

The Passport 9500ix can also be mounted below the rear-view mirror.

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3. Escort Redline

Escort Redline Radar Detector

The Escort Redline radar detector

Yet another of the highest-end detectors on the market, the Escort Redline has supposedly some of the furthest detection on the market. However, what it makes up for in detection range, it lacks in other features and functionality.

The Redline is a wonderful detector by all means. It does not offer directional detection and it also does not display the number of threats in the area. Once you have used a radar detector with directional detection and a threat counter, it will be hard to transition to something different.

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As long as you have one of these top-end detectors, you will be in good hands. Just remember – your first defense is your eyes (and yourself), and having a detector provides you with an added layer of protection.