Roush: Producing Fast Mustangs Since 1988

Initially providing performance parts for the Ford Mustang, Roush expanded and began producing their own branded Ford Mustangs shortly after their inception. Roush Mustangs have been met with positive reception, aside from some minor controversy (detailed below), thanks largely to their increased horsepower, unique body and exhaust configurations, and improved performance figures.

Black Roush

Like Saleen or Steeda, Roush takes a Mustang GT and then heavily modifies it to create what is essentially an entirely new car. A 2004 Roush Mustang 440A, for example, was produced to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Ford Mustang production. It featured a unique interior, as well as a custom braking system and a larger exhaust. The 440A made 400 horsepower, compared to the 260 horsepower from a standard Mustang GT.

Controversy with Roush

Roush has many detractors. Roush Mustangs, despite being prized for their modifications and rarity, are looked down upon by some die-hard Mustang fans for apparent overrating of their horsepower figures. The Roush Mustang 440A, for example, had a claimed 400 horsepower. That same Mustang dyno’d at 360 horsepower- a significant difference from what was claimed.

Newer model Roush Mustangs, such as the 427R and Roush Sport, have not been subject to nearly as much scrutiny or controversy as the 440A. The Sport package comes with a body kit, high performance exhaust system, and several “stages” that can be purchased to up power and handling. The 427R, the pinnacle of Roush Mustangs, produces 435 horsepower and comes with a unique appearance package.

Roush is second only to Saleen and Shelby in terms of popularity of their custom Mustangs. Roush has become so popular that their cars are now featured in racing games, such as Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec and Gran Turismo 4. With ultra-high performance cars, such as the Roush 427R, their popularity is only going to go up. If you’re looking for a high performance car that’s both rare and affordable, it’s time for you to see what Roush is about.