Please Don’t Cry: Wrecked Mustang Pics

Yes, this is a very sad post to make, but like any car, people wreck Mustangs as well. Unfortunately, here are some pictures of wrecked stangs. What can you learn from this post? Always get CARFAX reports (or other reputable vehicle inspection report) before you buy a used car from anywhere: dealer, private seller, friend – ANYBODY. Protect yourself and your wallet and make sure you know if there has ever been damage to your car.

The reason you should always get a vehicle inspection report, is that while you may think you are buying a car that looks good and you think has always been maintained properly, there are many instances where people may try to take advantage of you. Do not put yourself in that situation no matter how good you think the car looks. Some people have purchased cars and drove them for years without ever knowing that their car had been in an accident and was almost totaled. Would you trust driving your family around in a car like that if you knew that beforehand? Do your research before you buy a car and make sure you are informed before you make that purchase.