Mustang Cobra SVT – Buckle Up!

1993 SVT Cobra – The Beginning

93 SVT Cobra

In 1993, when Ford Introduced the Mustang Cobra SVT, a new namesake was gifted to automotive enthusiasts everywhere. This new Mustang, packing subtle exterior changes and a hot-rodded V8 under the hood, would go from a highly desired options package to a full-bore cultist dream-machine. By the end of the Mustang Cobra SVT’s production run in 2004 it had gone from a mere 235 horsepower (as it did in 1993) to a whopping 390 horsepower- with equal torque to match.

Just as Chevrolet Camaro’s would become known for the highly desirable SS model, the Ford Mustang Cobra SVT became the iconic Mustang that every enthusiast, regardless of age, race, or creed, wanted in their garage. Its 4.6L supercharged V8 of the later model years was unmatched for power potential, and the distinctive roar, accompanied by the tell-tale supercharger whine, put a grin on the faces of anyone who drove it.

Only 75,000 Mustang Cobra SVT’s were ever produced, making this American icon a relatively rare vehicle. This fact alone has helped keep resale values higher than the non-Cobra alternatives. In 1995 Ford introduced the Mustang Cobra R, and it introduced it again in 2000. A track-intended (but street legal) version of the Mustang Cobra SVT, the Cobra R featured stiffer suspension, several cosmetic differences, and a 5.4L V8 that made 385 horsepower and 385 ft-lbs of torque (in the 2000 model)- the most powerful Mustang Cobra SVT ever produced to that point.

All Ford Mustangs are known for their ability to shred the rear tires at ease, but the Mustang Cobra SVT really tips the scales when it comes to doing burnouts. Anyone behind the wheel of a Cobra knows how much power it’s pushing under the hood. No other Mustang is as highly regarded as the Mustang Cobra SVT, if not only for its ability to constantly put a smile on its owner’s faces.

2004 SVT Cobra – The End… ?

04 SVT Cobra

Unfortunately it just may be the end, but nobody really knows if production of the amazing Mustang Cobra SVT is completely over. Let’s hope not.