Kenne Bell BlowZilla Supercharger

Superchargers, superchargers, superchargers. There are many kinds, but we at Mustang Cobra SVT are HUGE fans of the Kenne Bell superchargers. More specifically, here is some information about the BlowZilla supercharger (for the ’99-’04 Mustangs). They have a whine unlike any other, and can keep the entire rubber industry in business for years to come.

Take a look at this video and you will hear the supercharger just before the tires start spinning. Turn your volume up! This video should make ANY car fan tingly.

BlowZilla Supercharger

The big boy BlowZilla is capable of handling upwards of 950 HP, and apparently the car in the video pushes about 600HP.

Thank you Kenne Bell – You have provided an amazing product!