SVT Owner’s Association Club

1993 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra

In 1991, Ford Motor Company created the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) when a group of senior managers wanted to segment a niche of passionate car enthusiasts. Their goal was to create vehicles that would attract Ford customers who understood cars and wanted a high-performance vehicle.

The Four Hallmarks

Each SVT vehicle was produced keeping four principles in mind: Performance, Substance, Exclusivity, and Value.

Ford officially launched the first SVT vehicles in 1993. The vehicles, you ask?

The 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra and SVT F-150 Lightning.

Since 1993, over 150,000 SVT vehicles have been produced.

Benefits of Being an SVTOA Member

As with any club, benefits are always nice to have. Here are the benefits (source) you get from being a member of the SVT Owner’s Association.

  • Q&A and SVT product histories from former SVT staffers
  • “Insider” stories and original photography on every SVT vehicle
  • News You Can Use / Product Reviews / Interviews / Event Coverage
  • Special discounts on official SVT Certificates of Authenticity and other items
  • Participation at Regional SVTOA On Track driving events nationwide
  • NEW: An Annual SVTOA National Convention
  • NEW: Access to SPECIAL features planned for
  • NEW: Inclusion in the OFFICIAL Ford-recognized SVT Vehicle Registry
  • Plus a Membership Card, windshield sticker, special sponsor offers, and more!

What is your favorite SVT vehicle produced yet?