7 Best Ford Mustang Commercials

It seems that almost all car and truck manufacturers have increased their exposure by creating a bunch of different commercials. While Ford has been more well known for their truck commercials as of late, we decided to pull together a handful of Ford Mustang commercials.

Although some manufacturers are trying to capture the sports car fans in their commercials, Ford has done it extremely well, and there’s really no better car to use than the Mustang.

Ford Mustang Commercials

In no particular order, take a look at some of the best commercials Ford has released featuring the one and only Mustang.

2005 Mustang Commercial with Steve McQueen

2011 V6 Mustang Commercial

Mustang Shelby GT Commercial – Police Chase

Shelby GT 500 Commercial – Germany

2008 Ford Mustang Commercial – Dreaming

Ford Mustang Commercial – Armed Forces

Ford Mustang GT Commercial – Father and Son – Bold Moves

Which is your favorite?