2010 Mustang Cobra

We thought that Mustang Cobras were no more (of course Shelby will still be around) but we may be wrong. We found some pictures leaked that appear to have a Cobra emblem on them! Take a look:

2010 Mustang Cobra

2010 Mustang Cobra

That looks nice but you cant really see much – However, look closely and you see this:

2010 Cobra Emblem

Remember this post where we said that the 2004 SVT might be the last Cobra? Hopefully, we were wrong!

2010 Mustang Cobra Specs

Enough – here’s some juicy specs for you to digest.

  • 5.4L DOHC V8
  • 540 HP
  • 510 ft/lbs Torque
  • Open-element air induction system – Results in increased airflow to the engine, increasing power
  • Supercharged
  • Price: $45,000+

The most powerful production Cobra to date, but it will be interesting to see the number of these sold due to the economy. Take a look at the gallery and see some absolutely beautiful pictures of an amazing car.

2010 Ford Shelby GT500

Don’t know about you, but we’re extremely excited to see how this car looks when all is said and done, and also to see some on the road. Unfortunately, there probably will not be many sold because it is a luxury item at a luxury price, but we can hope to see at least a few of these on the road eventually. Quite possibly the greatest thing about this car: it was built on everything that was loved about the previous Shelby GT500 and things were added to increase performance. Who doesn’t like added performance?!

The 2010 Shelby Cobra Overview

This car is much improved from the previous model. Performance, power, economy – everything has been improved, and done to unparalleled levels. This car will be the king of the road and make un-modded previous models look like little boys. According to the Chief Designer Doug Gaffka, “We worked with Carroll (Shelby) on this car very closely and everything we did on this was approved by him and I think t his is the most powerful, coolest Mustang ever done.” One word to explain that quote… Amazing!

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