2000 Mustang Cobra R

No Mustang Cobra in 2000? That is correct, but there is a Mustang Cobra R! This model produced some absolutely amazing numbers, and was in fact the fastest factory Mustang ever produced by Ford! Raising the bar? Absolutely.

2000 Mustang Cobra R


Engine Type: V8
Horsepower: 385 @ 6250 RPM
Compression: 9.60:1
Displacement: 5.4L/330 CID
Torque: 385 ft/lbs @ 4250 RPM

As we said earlier, this was the fastest Cobra yet (factory) and the numbers are intense. Just shy of 400HP was unheard of in 2000.

Top Speed: 170 MPH
0-60 MPH: 4.9 seconds

Another 20 MPH to the top speed and half a second shaved off the 0-60 time. A stock car running sub-5s… Intense!

Production Information

It’s always interesting to see how many of each color were produced.

Red: 300

TOTAL: 300

Talk about an elite bunch. 300 of these bad boys produced… ever.