1993 Notch: Reader Submitted Mustang

We are going to try something new: Posting pictures and information about our readers’ cars! If you have a Mustang (of any kind) and would like the world to see it, please contact us and we will dedicate a post to your car! We can include as little or as much as you want: Specs, pictures, videos! Well, here it is, the 1993 Notch!

1993 Notchback Mustang

This particular reader has actually had two different Mustangs now, and claims that this is by far his favorite. He will have a video in the near future and we can post that for all to see as well!

1993 Notchback Specs

  • 290 HP
  • 310 TQ
  • 92 Block 306 H.C.I.
  • Fully ported trick flow TW heads rebuilt with better guides and .620 springs
  • Pro-M 77mm mass air and 24lb injectors
  • TRW forged pistons
  • Mac headers and O/R X-pipe
  • Flowmaster 2 Chamber 2 1/2″ exhaust

To quote our reader: “Many, MANY more upgrades to come!”

Enough of the specs, let’s see what she looks like!

1993 Notchback Pictures

1993 Notchback Mustang Sideview

1993 Notchback Mustang No Hood

1993 Mustang Notchback Engine

1993 Notchback Mustang Gauges

1993 Notchback Mustang Interior

This car is immaculate! When the reader captures video of this beauty, we will be sure to post it.

If there are any other readers that have Mustangs, please contact us and we will dedicate a post to your car as well!

Tell us what you think about this car! Do you like it? Do you have upgrade suggestions?